Why You Should Start Age-Delay Today!

A lot of us take our skin for granted — it’s the biggest organ we have, after all. It protects us from the weather, shields our internal organs, delivers transdermal medication, and many other amazing functions that we often don’t think about. When you think of skin, you might think about blemishes or other frustrations that take us time to correct or accept in our search for confidence.

Confidence is everything and while aging is a natural process that has beauty of its own, ensuring that you take care of yourself the best you can throughout your life is a surefire way of aging well. This is why starting an age-delay routine should become a priority the next time you consider changing your skincare routine.

Age-delay doesn’t mean over-accessorizing, covering aging with makeup or even aesthetic procedures. It can simply mean treating your skin well, nourishing it the way it protects you. Sun protection, moisture, and individualized care for targeted issues are the key to ensuring you are adequately meeting the needs of your skin.

Even if you’re in your twenties, it’s important to remember the very basics of protecting your skin. Regular exfoliation will buff off dead skin and debris. Moisturizing renews the skin’s protective layers. Wearing sun protection (found in many moisturizers as well — just look for the SPF on the label) is an essential part of avoiding early signs of aging such as fine lines or hyperpigmentation.

No matter your age, your skin routine should be thorough and protective. Your skin does a lot to protect you, so don’t you owe a little in return?