What does Whole Health ..

 “Holistic,” “natural,” and “homeopathy” all seem to be the words on peoples’ tongues these days. We’re entering a new age of integrative healthcare, aiming for whole-body wellness for all. However, people (even those who are usually health-minded!) find themselves confused by concepts thrown out by health publications. What is whole-body wellness, and what does it mean for you?

 Whole-body wellness investigates the multifaceted factors in a person’s life, and aims to balance lifestyle changes, conventional medicine, and complementary services (like mental health or specialist referrals for those with chronic illnesses) in order to optimize an individual’s health and quality of life. This sounds exhausting to many, but wellness is a journey of small yet continuous steps. You cannot change your life overnight — but you can certainly scale a great number of frustrating wellness hurdles, given proper guidance and time.

 You might be wondering what might qualify as guidance, or what place time has in whole health. The best place to start is a real example. Many of our clients once struggled with getting to and maintaining an optimal weight before coming to New York Wellness and MediSpa. We refer such clients to Dr. Jill Baron, a superstar leader in the Take Shape for Life program.

 Remember that you carry your stress with you. We offer on-site massage and chiropractic. Tense muscles can cause headaches, back problems and other painful conditions.

 Treating yourself holistically doesn’t mean you have to dispose of essential medications. In fact, holistic and homeopathic care is ideal when utilized as a complementary therapy in conjunction with your other physicians’ direction in order to meet your unique needs. This equation is the key to whole wellness — aiming for the body to do as much of the work uninhibited, while still managing your conditions with conventional western medicine. Give a well-rounded approach a shot today by contacting us!