Tips & Tricks for Adjusting Fussy Skin

Rising temperatures after a rough winter often elicit a sigh of relief. Those with fussy skin types might end up with a few concerns on their mind, though. Oil production tends to increase with rising temperature, and particularly rising humidity. Here in New York City, the day to day irritants can really do a number on a sensitive skin type when the weather is changing. You might find that you need to change your routine to adapt to the changing demands on your skin. Here, we’ve outlined the three easy steps you can take to combat post-winter woes!

1. Listen to your skin.

Your skin tells you what it needs by its appearance. Are you dealing with flakes? The solution is simple (and it even rhymes!) — to combat flakes, exfoliate! Overdoing it can lead to more flakes, but utilizing a gentle exfoliant a couple times a week can really make a difference. You and your dermatologist (and remember, you can always contact us to schedule a consult!) can determine the best type of exfoliant for you and your skin type. A simple rule of thumb is that using the most gentle exfoliant possible is best.

2. Change up your routine.

While dramatic changes aren’t necessary and could potentially ignite a breakout, swapping out certain products in your routine to suit the weather can make a world of difference. Whether you substitute your Facial Radiance Pads for FABĀ®’s new Skin Rescue Blemish Patrol Pads or change your gentle winter cleanser to one designed specifically to draw impurities from your skin.

3. Don’t forget that good skin is often a sign of good health!

While thorough skincare is essential to delaying signs of aging and improving overall clarity, your health is also a big factor in how your skin looks. Having your annual check-ups, preventive care and keeping a solid exercise and diet routine should be your first line of defense against early aging. Remember, you can book all these services right here at New York Wellness & MediSpa!

These rules to better skin and brighter beauty are easy to follow and easy to individualize, but you can also trust our professionals to give you an honest assessment of your skin type and how to best proceed as well. Either way, your skin will thank you for listening to your body’s natural hints.