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All of us at New York Wellness and Medispa value each and every one of our clients. Our staff cares about your overall wellness, and part of this job is ensuring that we are meeting your needs. With that in mind, we would like to request your feedback on everything from our services to our new renovations — and everything in between! Please follow the link at the end of this article, or click here to complete a survey where your voice will be heard! Your information will always be kept confidential, but you are welcome to submit anonymous feedback as well.

You may be surprised to find out just how wide and varied the services offered to and referred from New York Wellness and Medispa are. Our services are individualized and designed to cater to your own individual needs, leaving you without any guesswork. Today, we’ve taken the time to give you an overview of all our services. You might find we’ve been offering a service you’d been shopping around for, or consider a new horizon towards your general wellness. Regardless, we hope this guide is helpful.Our primary care services offer a comprehensive array of diagnostics. You can rest assured that you will have an accurate barometer of your health in our care! We provide everything from EKG and body fat analyses during annual examinations, asthma and allergy care, to referrals to our personally vetted and most trusted gastroenterologists, radiologists and physical therapists. We also provide a physician-guided weight loss program called “Take Shape for Life,” which provides help every step of the way.

Achieving whole-body wellness may take a wider comprehensive approach. For this reason, we provide holistic services as well. We provide on-site chiropractic and massage therapy services, and have teamed up to provide off-site services with a skilled and thorough acupuncturist as well. We are also of the firm conviction that sleep is the best holistic remedy there is. If you struggle with sleeping, tell us! Specialized treatments like Blue Sleep for sleep apnea are administered by trusted, vetted specialists — and we take great pride in working alongside the doctors we have personally chosen to deliver the very best care to you.

We also provide preventive cardiology, which gives you a head-start on heart health with a wide array of diagnostic services made to suit your needs. From standard electrocardiograms (EKG) to echocardiograms and beyond, we’ve both the equipment on-site and a partnership with a state of the art imaging center to give you the most accurate picture of your heart health. With accurate imaging comes the best guidance towards achieving and staying at your very best.

Our center is also a hot location for cosmetic services — and for good reason! We provide the most diligent care with excellent results, and all for the most affordable prices than anywhere else in Manhattan. We provide Botox®, Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Sculptra® to turn back the hands of time. For blemished and hyperpigmentation, we offer VI peels. We also provide Latisse®, laser hair removal and other services keeping you looking and feeling your very best.

We also sell some of the best beauty products you’ll ever lay your hands on. They come dermatologist-recommended and appropriate for even the most sensitive of skin. You can grab these goodies right at New York Wellness and Medispa, or through our online shop!

While our center is meant to be as easy and convenient as possible, we wanted to ensure that all our clients had a full list of our services. This way, you won’t miss a beat when it comes to preventive cardiology, or wait on your annual wellness exam for fear of schedule conflict. Our office has long hours to accept your requests for prompt care, so never hesitate to make that appointment — in fact, you can schedule one today! Thanks for your continued dedication and loyalty to our center! Your patronage is our pleasure.

 We strive to continually explore new ways of serving you better, please take our short survey and let us know your thoughts!
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Happy holidays from all of us at New York Wellness + MediSpa!

Happy Holidays

We are enthusiastic about the holidays and like to show our appreciation to our loyal customers. As a holiday goodie and gift from us, we are offering a 10% discount on all of our cosmetic services until December 31st. Make your appointment today for the most affordable skincare in Manhattan. We hope this holiday season is not only a healthy and beautiful one, but prosperous, peaceful, and full of love. With all of our gratitude and loyalty, happy holidays!

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Joy to Your Skin, Our Deals Have Arrived!

Kane Winter Scene

The winter holidays are coming and if you’re coming up clueless on what to give somebody who has everything, look no further than our First Aid Beauty® line, cosmetic procedures, and other luxurious ways to feel and look renewed. Here at New York Wellness & Medispa, we’re feeling the holiday spirit already and returning the love our customers show us.

Starting in early November, we’ll be posting holiday specials regularly! Bookmark our shop and keep an eye out for the best skincare deals we have to offer. Spoiling your loved ones has never been so easy, and with the killer deals we’re about to unfold, you might find that it’s high time to spoil yourself as well.

Why You Should Change Your Skincare Routine This Fall

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Fall brings to mind many things: falling leaves, pumpkin pie, Halloween, or apple cider. For us here at New York Wellness and Medispa, fall means something extra to us: adjusting our routine to the changing weather.

Regardless of your skin type, you will likely notice that your skin changes with the seasons’ different demands. The abundance of natural oil production from summertime crawls to a halt as fall brings in chilly weather. You may benefit from more robust moisturizers, and may need a milder face wash to retain the skin’s natural defenses. You may wish to wash away the signs of summer — to those ends, exfoliation and clarification are especially important during this time of the year!

No matter which First Aid Beauty® product is the right one for you, you’ll find that your fall skincare frustrations will be a thing of the past with a reliable, customized routine.

We’re Unveiling Our New Shop!


At New York Wellness & MediSpa, we’re always looking to the future. The convenience, comfort and satisfaction of our customers is always on our minds. We have heard your requests and carefully considered the unique lives of our clients while making a big change in our online presence.

With that, we are excited to introduce our new and improved online shop. You can look forward to clear descriptions of what we have to offer, a clean and easy checkout process, and a quick turnaround to deliver the best in skincare and more right to your home or office.

Taking care of yourself has never felt so good, and now, it’s never been so easy! We trust that you’ll find our new and improved shop saves you time and serves your unique skincare needs without taking more than a few minutes out of your day.

Exciting News!

Whether you are a loyal customer or a virtual newcomer just finding us on the web, bookmark our site and return regularly — you won’t be disappointed. You can look forward to the debut of our new and improved shop come late September. Here, you’ll easily find your favorite First Aid Beauty® products and an improved, convenient check-out system. Restocking on your First Aid Beauty® essentials will be as simple as a click of a mouse, and all from the comfort of your own home! As a token of our appreciation, check our daily specials for your old favorites and new ways to treat yourself.

Our new shop is one reminder of many why with New York Wellness MediSpa and First Aid Beauty®, taking care of yourself has never felt better. Not only do we carry the entire line of First Aid Beauty® products, we offer the most comprehensive skincare in Manhattan. Whether you’re considering Botox, Juviderm or VI Peels, book with New York Wellness and MediSpa and let our attentive and skilled staff help your skin look better than ever before.