We get it — you’re young and your life is busy. You have a million things to think about. Work, relationships, friends, all these things can make twenty-four hours feel like twenty-four minutes. Wait, take a deep breath, and remember that you come first. You only have one body, and feeling well has never looked so good when you remember to take care of yourself. Today, we’re going to discuss an essential in anybody’s skincare arsenal: sun protection.

While we’re just crawling out of winter, your skincare routine should have sun protection no matter what season it is. Even overcast days expose you to potentially harmful UV rays. This can lead to early aging and even worse, increases your risk of skin cancer. Protecting yourself means protecting your health, so you should consider your ideal sun protection options!

Oftentimes, lightweight moisturizers meant for daytime use have sun protection built in. Check the labels of any skincare product before purchasing — the SPF should be clearly indicated. In our shop, you can find a lightweight moisturizer with sun protection from the 5 in 1 series. Regardless of whether you choose a lightweight sunscreen or a moisturizer with a sunscreen included, choosing sun protection year-round is always a sound decision.