Spring is coming- and let’s tell Winter to get out

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On that high note, our Manhattan and Millbrook locations  are ready to show off their new digs and Spring Specials… along with a March launch of our brand new website with expanded online services and a lot more!  Until then, our wonderful clients–you can still shop, book, or submit your questions and suggestions on our existing website. . .or as always. . .visit us at either location as we are looking forward to serving you.


World Cancer Day

As we begin our busy day, let’s all take the time to remember friends and family who lost their battle to cancer and those who were able to beat this dreaded disease. We are reminding all of our clients and friends to take advantage of the screening techniques that we provide and remember that “taking care of yourself never felt better!”


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Here’s to a healthy and happy 2015!
Rod, Doug, and our illustrious staff

Four Simple Steps to Keep You and Your Family Healthy This Flu Season

Winter Landscape Pleasant Valley

As we progress into  fall and winter, a change in wardrobe isn’t the only thing you have to worry about, you also have to take measures to protect your family’s health. Now that the cold and flu season has arrived, here are four steps you can take to help keep you and your family healthy.

Make sure everyone gets enough sleep.

Besides being well rested, adequate sleep promotes a feeling of overall well being. During the colder seasons the body is prone to more stress due to extreme weather changes. A lack of sleep can leave the body susceptible to viruses such as the flu.

Experimental studies show that there is a link between lack of sleep and the body’s immune system. The immune system is made up of a variety of cells. T-cells decrease when a person is sleep deprived. Yes, sufficient sleep allows the body to regenerate, repair and protect against outside complications. Are you experiencing problems getting to sleep, or staying that way? Make an appointment to see our BlueSleep experts.

Increase intake of healthy nutrients

The nutrients found in food nourishes the body and  the fuels the immune system. By feeding the body a variety of nutrients, especially healthy doses of good nutritious foods, it increases one’s energy, strengthens vital organs and helps the body process at normal. Speak with Dr. Jill Baron about the “Take Shape For Life” program, our physician guided weight-loss program. By making an effort to increase your intake of healthy nutrients you will be protecting your body against unwanted viruses.

Get your flu shots

The flu shot is essential for children, the elderly, and immuno-compromised individuals. However, even healthy people without a single complaint should do their part to prevent the spread of this frustrating and dangerous virus. While most healthy adults can ward off the flu after a few days’ rest, this virus can spell disaster for somebody who is already battling another illness. Contributing to herd immunity is a simple way to do your part in keeping you and your community safe.

Conveniently, you can get your flu shot the next time you stop by the New York Wellness & MediSpa. Whether you’re picking up another round of beauty essentials or coming in for a heart check-up, be sure to ask about getting your annual flu shot.

Take some time to yourself.

Are you a busy mom? Or maybe you find yourself in the office way too much? To adapt to seasonal changes, it’s imperative for you to take time to relax. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, take some time to do absolutely nothing and meditate. If you have a little more time, come in for a massage or pick up some of our FAB® favorites and give yourself a facial.   This recharges you both mentally and physically. When your body is constantly on go mode, you’re likely to get stressed out, which isn’t good for your immune system.

During the cold and flu season, taking care of yourself is important. When you come to New York Wellness and Medispa, taking care of yourself never felt better.

Your pet’s dietary needs are important!

Baby turtle eating strawberry


“You are what you eat” applies to your pet, too!

Companion animals are as familiar to humankind as our own offspring. Despite the obvious communication gap, we spend a lot of time wondering just what our pets are asking of us. Next time your dog smacks his dish and looks at you, ask yourself if it’s time to check out his diet before you fill that dish.

Pet nutrition is a tricky topic. Just like how we must scrutinize the food products we eat, we owe it to our domestic pets to pay attention to their needs. Species-appropriate diets are the best way to approach your pet’s needs, and an easy way to square away an essential part of your dog or cat’s full wellness.

Ingredient lists are as important as ever. For dogs and cats alike, a single-source protein as the top ingredient (and remember that the ingredients are listed by highest quantity to lowest) is a good sign that you’re looking at a potentially sound bit of nutrition. Cats are obligate carnivores, and barring unusually severe allergies or medical conditions as identified and treated by your vet, meat should be the primary base of her diet. This rule of thumb goes for dogs as well, but fruit and vegetables are more common along the top of the ingredient list.

You’d be surprised what nutrition can do — which is why we offer nutritional advice, should this article spark a desire to investigate your own diet. As for your pets, age, activity level and any medical conditions as noted by your vet should be kept in careful consideration while you browse your options. Furthermore, this article is no substitution for a veterinarian’s assessment and advice. You should be sure to clear any drastic changes in your pet’s lifestyle or healthcare with your veterinarian prior to implementing anything. Remember, whole health includes the whole body — not just the muscles we scope or the acne we keep at bay, and the same goes for your pet’s diet!

The end of summer is nigh, time to prep for cooler weather

End of summer
Summer is winding down, which might elicit the visage of changing leaves…

Keep it in mind! With seasonal changes come changes to our everyday routines. You might be thinking about the boots and sweaters you’ll need to pull from storage, but we at New York Wellness and Medispa have something more exciting in mind.

Changing seasons can cause any number of skin maladies. Dryness, flaking, and even unnecessarily oily skin can all indicate that your skin needs a little TLC. Not only should you stock up on your go-to products for chilly weather, you should arrange a consult with us so your skin and whole person are attended to with the utmost in professional care.

Skin isn’t the only thing on our minds. Take a quick glance at your scheduler. Are you due for your yearly wellness exam? Many people put off wellness exams because they feel just fine, but we take a comprehensive approach to wellness. Your yearly exam is as important as any other aspect of your personal care. Our preventive approach provides a yearly EKG to ensure your heart is in tip-top shape, along with other indispensable examinations that give you a clear picture of your whole body health.

We are invested in your whole-body health, which is why we always emphasize that taking care of yourself has never felt better!

Why You Should Start Age-Delay Today!

Why You Should Start Age-Delay Today!

A lot of us take our skin for granted — it’s the biggest organ we have, after all. It protects us from the weather, shields our internal organs, delivers transdermal medication, and many other amazing functions that we often don’t think about. When you think of skin, you might think about blemishes or other frustrations that take us time to correct or accept in our search for confidence.

Confidence is everything and while aging is a natural process that has beauty of its own, ensuring that you take care of yourself the best you can throughout your life is a surefire way of aging well. This is why starting an age-delay routine should become a priority the next time you consider changing your skincare routine.

Age-delay doesn’t mean over-accessorizing, covering aging with makeup or even aesthetic procedures. It can simply mean treating your skin well, nourishing it the way it protects you. Sun protection, moisture, and individualized care for targeted issues are the key to ensuring you are adequately meeting the needs of your skin.

Even if you’re in your twenties, it’s important to remember the very basics of protecting your skin. Regular exfoliation will buff off dead skin and debris. Moisturizing renews the skin’s protective layers. Wearing sun protection (found in many moisturizers as well — just look for the SPF on the label) is an essential part of avoiding early signs of aging such as fine lines or hyperpigmentation.

No matter your age, your skin routine should be thorough and protective. Your skin does a lot to protect you, so don’t you owe a little in return?

Summer Fun Has a New Look!


Summer Fun Has a New Look!

Come in this summer for your annual physical and relax among fresh summer flowers while smooth jazz helps your worries drift away in our newly and beautifully renovated Midtown space. These renovations were designed with your wellness in mind, and walking through the doors of our renewed space will feel like being transported into an arena of bliss. While we love our work to begin with, we now love our center even more than we thought possible — and we hope you will feel the same!

Better yet, our Hudson Valley clients can still look forward to the unveiling of a slice of paradise in their area. September is just around the corner, when we’ll toss back the curtains on our new Milbrook location. Situated amongst some of Hudson Valley’s most diverse dining options and central to excellent shopping, our new center will be our mid-state clients’ go-to for holistic and medical aesthetics. Even better, you’ll find the same lifestyle products and cosmetics as our midtown location, making keeping up with your healthy habits easier than ever.

This is a gesture for the benefit of all our clients, and a continued dedication to our main goal: that taking care of yourself never felt better.

What does Whole-Body Wellness Mean for You?

What does Whole Health ..

 “Holistic,” “natural,” and “homeopathy” all seem to be the words on peoples’ tongues these days. We’re entering a new age of integrative healthcare, aiming for whole-body wellness for all. However, people (even those who are usually health-minded!) find themselves confused by concepts thrown out by health publications. What is whole-body wellness, and what does it mean for you?

 Whole-body wellness investigates the multifaceted factors in a person’s life, and aims to balance lifestyle changes, conventional medicine, and complementary services (like mental health or specialist referrals for those with chronic illnesses) in order to optimize an individual’s health and quality of life. This sounds exhausting to many, but wellness is a journey of small yet continuous steps. You cannot change your life overnight — but you can certainly scale a great number of frustrating wellness hurdles, given proper guidance and time.

 You might be wondering what might qualify as guidance, or what place time has in whole health. The best place to start is a real example. Many of our clients once struggled with getting to and maintaining an optimal weight before coming to New York Wellness and MediSpa. We refer such clients to Dr. Jill Baron, a superstar leader in the Take Shape for Life program.

 Remember that you carry your stress with you. We offer on-site massage and chiropractic. Tense muscles can cause headaches, back problems and other painful conditions.

 Treating yourself holistically doesn’t mean you have to dispose of essential medications. In fact, holistic and homeopathic care is ideal when utilized as a complementary therapy in conjunction with your other physicians’ direction in order to meet your unique needs. This equation is the key to whole wellness — aiming for the body to do as much of the work uninhibited, while still managing your conditions with conventional western medicine. Give a well-rounded approach a shot today by contacting us!

Heads Up, Hudson Valley — We’re Bringing Wellness and Beauty to You!

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We are excited to announce that come mid-summer, New York Wellness and MediSpa will have a second location in the gorgeous village of Millbrook. We will offer the same services our New York City clients enjoy, in a whole new locale and ambiance. This is exceptionally convenient for the Hudson Valley clients who travel to enjoy our exceptional services and unparalleled prices. Imagine — all your favorite health and beauty services, all closer to your home!